Monday, January 2, 2017

Yoga style differences

  When I started my Dru yoga training I didn't have much experience in other forms of yoga.
Last year I tried several different yoga classes just to see how they differ from Dru yoga.

Now I haven't tried All the different styles of yoga! What I did sample gave me an idea of the differences between Dru yoga and other styles of yoga.

Here is what I found to be different:

In Dru yoga we do an activation in the beginning of the session to help warm up the body and the muscles. In all of the other classes I did there wasn't any kind of physical warm up.

In Dru yoga we do body preparations to ready the body/muscles for a pose/posture or asana. In all the classes I did not one of them did any kind of body preparation.

I found that Dru yoga caters to all body types and gives different stages of a posture, so that the participant can do the movement safely and in their own range of movement. I didn't find this in any of the classes I did.  (Dru yoga is VERY safety conscious)

Dru yoga classes are set up to do an activation, an Energy Block release, body preparations for pose, asanas/poses, a sequence and a relaxation usually 15/20 mins. The other classes I did were a bit all over the place and none really had the flow of Dru to me.

In my experience none of the yoga classes helped me emotionally.  I find so many emotional benefits from my Dru yoga practices. My Dru yoga sessions can help me to feel more grounded, centred, energetic, relaxed, focused, enthusiastic, joyful.  What ever it is I want to achieve Dru yoga can be used as my emotional toolbox.

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