Sunday, May 21, 2017


When I was at the very beginning of my spiritual journey I met a woman that came into my life briefly. We met in all places Belize. I lived there and she was visiting.  We ( my husband and daughters) took a long weekend away on a beautiful Belize beach, and Jayne and Morgan, her daughter, were staying in the same little beach shack next door. DIVINE INTERVENTION! After our weekend in paradise we parted ways, but Jayne & I stayed in touch. Jayne and Morgan came to stay with me and my daughters when we moved back to Florida. It was during her visit she heard me speak the words "I am sick and tired of .......", what ever it was that was bothering me at the time. Jayne brought to my attention that if I were to keep using those words I was going to make myself sick and tired. That was a real eye opener for me. From that day on I became more aware of the words I spoke.

I would like to share these wise words from another very wise woman Raelene Bryne. You can find Raelene's contact information below.

It has been said that what we speak is like casting a spell. Words are more powerful than we fully appreciate.
Everything in our lives is energy, frequency and vibration. Science is proving this every day in research. I find it amusing when I read new studies disclosing ‘proof” and I smile as the 
vedic teachings, ancient wisdom has been telling us the same things for 5,000 years.
Our modern brain is finally bypassing the ‘fear’ of the unknown, the finger pointing that leads to persecution of millions, and funnily enough, the ‘new age”, which I see as KNEW age, is now available for us all, as part of history!! We are finally catching up to our ancestor's wisdom, the blinkers are being taken off, questions being asked, evolution in progress!

What we say, do, feel, think and imagine is what we become.
If you believe you can’t do something and you say it, then that is exactly what you will get. Try saying, I am worth the effort. so I choose to attempt.... and see where that takes you, a hell of a lot further than  I can’t!!!

These days understanding and working with energy is our best ally, our personal frequency is our responsibility, and how we share our vibration into what we are living, determines what we receive

Our words are a huge part of what we are creating for and in our lives
Keep talking negatively, you stay in the murky waters, feeling lost and drowning in the stagnation of mundane while feeding the restrictions of resistance. Speak about what you do not want, you will get that, so why not, use mindfulness, take a breath think about what you are putting out into the world via your verbal vibration, and start talking about what you DO want.

When you start speaking out about what you want, you have movement. alignment, cooperation from the universe, collaboration and a clear statement as what you are willing to do in order to create what you want.

Imagine it this way…When you speak your mind, say out loud anything that is passing through the mind, whether on purpose, in conversation, or sometimes without thought, just words and noise to fill in a space of discomfort, …you are
projecting that vibration into the energy field, with your signature, your voice, your soul song. It moves out into the field and keeps
going,. There is nothing to stop it, it goes on into infinity

Each day, you are stepping into what you have declared, or spoken... it is like a sound wave, a sine curve that you are on. It is showing you what you have created with your words.
Thoughts are an energy transmission, Intention is a thought on steroids, our words spoken aloud are a commitment.
We step into that each day
Be mindful of what you say, what you ask for, what you throw at another person or situation, as you will be walking in the energy imprint of that tomorrow, and the day after.

How about speaking up about what you want, how you want a situation to end up, what you are willing to do for the life you live.
“I can’t”  do something is what you will get, I choose to do this because I am worth the effort, gives you a different result.

You can finish here, or keep going to see what is coming up, what is available if you are looking for some assistance in your journey.
Next newsletter will have some juicy announcements...things are in process and progress...Excitement is building

A personal note from life...I have been doing a yoga in a tutu challenge in May. It has been hilarious, and I end up wearing the tutu for the rest of the day after each photo. The intention was to invite others to join in, to bring some playfulness into everyday life, well it has. I have asked strangers to take photos for me, and as soon as I whip out the tutu, always in my bag, smiles arise, conversations are engaged in and great vibes are felt.  it is all tutu funny, tutu easy, tutu playful, tutu joyfilled.
This one is my fav so far, Mothers Day with my 2 big boys in tutus!!!


June 20th Winter Solstice

A gathering of the community at the sacred vortex on Chambers island to celebrate and align with the Winter Solstice. bringing Daniel Coates back to the coast for a big event. There are times in the cycle of the earth that we are required to pause, reset, be in gratitude, clear the path and prepare for the next phase in our lives. There will also be a ritual for the earth during the sound healing, meditations set around a crystal madala lit with candles. The return of the light within.
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July 25th Day out of Time

Vesica Pisces grid, meditation, celebration as we end the galactic year and prepare to birth the next. Following the cycles of the Mayan calendar, we can embrace the energy of the 'manifestation of Purpose energy" of July 25th, and intentionally create the next 12-month energy journey while standing in the eye of creation in the Vesica Pisces.


September 5th to 12th, Bali Retreat

All the information for this retreat is here

 A week of adventuring, stepping out of comfort zone, soul dialogue, mandala rituals, workshop to create your own alchemical vessel, subconscious realisations, processes, rituals, fun, rest, and the magic Bali offers. Hope you feel aligned.




Consultations with Raelene are extremely individualised, locating the blocks, the old beliefs perhaps the wall you keep banging your head against, then to open up pathways for  movement towards your desires, goals, dreams, big picture
When you have awareness of the issue, and sometimes it is an unconscious thing, you are then able to take action
We all have the answers to all our issues, problems and challenges, yet we often require someone unrelated, objective to reflect back to us what is happening
Sometimes, we are unaware of the old patterns, beliefs still playing out until they are brought into our consciousness.
Getting stuck in mental grooves and habits will keep you facing the same problems and achieving the same results or lack of…then frustration arises, the feeling of not being enough, can’t achieve, we chip away at our sense of fabulousness. All that is happening is you are recreating, reliving, rehashing an old pattern which will always deliver the same outcome
When I look into your energy field,  I  can see the ages where things have become stuck, times where the same belief has knocked you over. And it is important to remember that 85% of the beliefs we have running our lives were all absorbed and installed by the time we were 7. How many of your beliefs are from others? and you are living their ‘stuff” and wondering why things are not working out.
We start to reclaim our own pathway by releasing the stuff that is not ours. It is a journey for the rest of your life, but wow what things you will discover and bring into your world!!!
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A portable way to connect to your inner world, listen, take action with some reminders. These cards are simple to use, fun to play with and can at many times, offer the very thing you need to engage in to move forward, find clarity, release, or take action.
There are 120 words to work magic with.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

You don't need downward dog in every yoga class

I love teaching and practicing Dru yoga. As you will see from the previous blog post I have had a few experiences lately with other yoga styles that left me a bit concerned. 
Having just completed 2+ years of study in Restorative Exercise with Biomechanist Katy Bowman I have a changed my personal practice and my teaching of yoga.
With this knowledge now of alignment, there are a few poses I won't be teaching, at least not in a conventional way. I have learned to modify some poses/asanas to be more user friendly, and leave some out all together as I feel most people I teach don't have the strength needed to do these postures with out some kind of damage occurring if not immediately accumulative. I cringe every time I hear of a student of other yoga modalities tell me they hurt their shoulder, or pulled a muscle in their groin, or other body parts. I never want to hear of anyone hurting them selves while practicing Dru yoga with me.
That is why I take care in my lesson planning and use the gradual stages of postures. That is the kind of training you get when you learn to teach Dru yoga. It helps that Dru yoga is a gentler style of yoga, and I find this useful in achieving my goals in my teaching practice. It's not unusual to have students that lead a very busy, fast paced life, and it is a breath of fresh air for them to be able to attend a Dru yoga class and be allowed the space to actually slow down and become mindful. By the way gentler doesn't make the practice less beneficial I feel it is quite the opposite. 

So do I teach downward dog? Yes occasionally we do practice this in class, but not with out warming up the appropriate muscle groups. It is a feel good posture, that most people have done in some point of their yoga practice, and it also comes with some health considerations. Keeping these in mind I have been taught to take people into different stages of the dog, and also give the beautiful cat as a replacement posture.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Yoga style differences

  When I started my Dru yoga training I didn't have much experience in other forms of yoga.
Last year I tried several different yoga classes just to see how they differ from Dru yoga.

Now I haven't tried All the different styles of yoga! What I did sample gave me an idea of the differences between Dru yoga and other styles of yoga.

Here is what I found to be different:

In Dru yoga we do an activation in the beginning of the session to help warm up the body and the muscles. In all of the other classes I did there wasn't any kind of physical warm up.

In Dru yoga we do body preparations to ready the body/muscles for a pose/posture or asana. In all the classes I did not one of them did any kind of body preparation.

I found that Dru yoga caters to all body types and gives different stages of a posture, so that the participant can do the movement safely and in their own range of movement. I didn't find this in any of the classes I did.  (Dru yoga is VERY safety conscious)

Dru yoga classes are set up to do an activation, an Energy Block release, body preparations for pose, asanas/poses, a sequence and a relaxation usually 15/20 mins. The other classes I did were a bit all over the place and none really had the flow of Dru to me.

In my experience none of the yoga classes helped me emotionally.  I find so many emotional benefits from my Dru yoga practices. My Dru yoga sessions can help me to feel more grounded, centred, energetic, relaxed, focused, enthusiastic, joyful.  What ever it is I want to achieve Dru yoga can be used as my emotional toolbox.